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Finding support and help after a substance use passing: how Orleans Recovery can make a difference

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Missing Angels is a faith friendly place to gather and support one another in the aftermath of a passing from substance use disorder. Kristine Ames and Lori Hosmer founded this support group in 2018.

Chuck and Leigh Kinsey added their support in leadership roles in January 2019. Families that have lost a loved one come together to talk about the challenges, a challenge to raise grandchildren, and how to handle grief in the aftermath. We all have lost loved ones to addiction and we all need each other for support. Together we can remember our Missing Angels and help each other with our grief.

Losing a loved one, perhaps even after years of their suffering with substance use disorder, is a devastating event, one which so many do not understand as many have not lived with someone with this disease. All too often there are grandchildren or nieces and nephews left behind as a result of this sudden passing who need our love and care. These major changes complicate our life, leaving many to wonder where to turn for aid, especially after so many years of caring for the person with the substance use disorder in the absence of any real help for ourselves in understanding the nature of the disease, and how to care for someone with this condition.

Missing Angels vision is to help our members recover in their grief journey, and to support each other in the challenges of family and friend dynamics after a substance use passing.

In-person meetings are scheduled for the first and third Thursday of each month from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM at Orleans Recovery - Hope Begins Here, Suite 190, 243 South Main St., Albion, NY 14470.

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